Lawn Bowls Services

ASM are able to offer an extensive range of Lawn Bowls maintenance and work with your clubs budget to provide the best year round maintenance programme. we offer a wide range of services, from hollow coring in the Autumn to verti-cutting in the summer.

We have broken down our services into the four season, to make it clear what our annual maintenance includes.

*All programmes can be altered to suit your clubs necessary requirments.

- Cutting three times a week with a 12 bladed cylinder mower.

- Verti-Cutting.

- Scarifying.

- Sarel Spiking.

- Deep Aeration

- Apply High Nitrogen Fertiliser.

- Disease, Weed and Worm control where necessary.

- Deep Thatch Removal, using a Graden machine (all dedris removed from site.)

- Solid Tine deep Aeration to relive compaction.

- Apply topdressing (supplied by A.S.M)

- Apply Autumn Fertiliser

- Hollow Coring is also a service we offer, it is recommended to be done every three to four years, to better relieve compaction up to 100mm. All debris are taken away from site. 

- Cutting the green where necessary keeping it at 12mm.

- Brushing of the green.

- Disease, Moss and Worm Control.

- Deep Aeration carried out

- Winter Fertiliser Applied

- Liquid Iron Applied

If you do not require annual maintenance for your green and only require a "one off" visit for any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Summer Programme

Autumn Renovation Programme

Winter Programme

Spring Programme

  • Grass cutting
  • Vert-Cutting
  • Scarifying
  • Sarel Spiking
  • Deep Aeration
  • Fertilising
  • Disease Control
  • Weed Control
  • Worm Control
  • Autumn Renovations

- Cutting, slowly getting the green to desired playing height.

- Verti-cutting

- Scarifying

- Sarel spiking

- Apply Spring fertiliser

- Rolling

*All Grass Cuttings are removed from site FREE of charge.*
We have established good working relationships with each of our Clubs and our current customers find us very approachable, responding promptly to any additional requirements or emergency works, and being very easy people to deal with. 
We are able to provide a tailor made service that suits your clubs budget
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